Refrigerator Ice Maker Maintenance

Hot days create a need to have plenty of ice on hand for iced tea, lemonade and other cool, tasty beverages. Nothing makes this easier than having a built-in ice maker in your refrigerator. Most models come equipped with at least the option to have an ice maker added to the freezer for quick and convenient ice access. Still, these devices do require maintenance and repair to keep the ice flowing on those hot summer days. 

Ice Maker Maintenance

Like any appliance which works day in and day out, your ice maker needs regular maintenance. This is especially important since you are ingesting the ice made by your device. Some regular maintenance items include: 

  • Cleaning the supply lines. Every few months you should flush and inspect your water supply lines. You can do this by disconnecting them and checking them for cracks or pinched areas on the line, then rinsing them thoroughly with hot water. You can disinfect them by adding about a tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of hot water and pouring it through the lines, then rinsing.
  • Replace the water filter. Many ice makers have a built-in water filter which needs to be replaced to keep ice tasting great. Check the manufacturer’s information to determine how often to replace, usually about every six months. If you do not have a water filter for your ice maker, talk to your local plumber about adding one to improve the safety and taste of your ice. 

If your refrigerator did not come with an ice maker, but has the option to add one, your plumber can help you get a kit installed and plumbed into your water supply. In no time at all, you will have fresh, ready-to-use ice for all your cold beverages.

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