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Emergency Plumber Long Island 516-295-2448

If you live on Long Island and need an emergency plumber, call The Pipe Doctor Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditoning at 516-295-2448 or visit

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Sewer Main Replacement

SEWER PIPE BURSTING - This method of trenchless sewer repair is usually the second option if sewer pipe relining cannot be performed due to the old sewer pipe being too severely crushed or damaged. With this trenchless sewer repair method, two very small access holes are dug at each end of the sewer line. A cable is run through the entire length of sewer line and attached to a cone shaped tool called a bursting head that is attached to a brand new length of sewer pipe. Using a power hydraulic winch, the bursting head is pulled through breaking up the old pipe while pulling the new pipe in behind it. Sewer Pipe Bursting can easily be performed on a standard 3”-6” residential sewer line and can also be used on large commercial sewer lines up to 56” in a diameter. Visit